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LibGuides Website Tips

This guide accompanies PALNI's Website Style Guide and focuses on assisting you to create a custom website in LibGuides

Remove tabs from view

As part of a custom look for your LibGuides website, you may want to hide the LibGuides banner. Note: if you are using LibGuides CMS, you can set a different banner for groups of guides as well.


 /*Below removes the banner from view*/
#s-lib-banner {
display: none;


This code will remove this banner from view:

How to use CSS on LibGuides

There are several ways you can change the CSS for your LibGuides. First, you can visit the "Look & Feel" section of your LibGuides Admin interface and click on the "Custom JS/CSS" tab. Alternatively, you can change the CSS for an entire group of guides by editing the group's "Custom JS/CSS" tab in the group admin interface. Or finally, you can change the CSS for a single guide under the "Guide Layout" drop down menu by clicking on "Guide Custom JS/CSS." Conveniently, the code is the same.