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COVID-19: PALNI Service Continuation Planning Resources: Virtual Outreach

COVID-19 Planning

Finals Week

Finals Week Ideas for Virtual Outreach:

Programming Ideas for Librarians:
    ‎ Build a pillow fort and share pictures - who has the best one?
    ‎Host a FB/Instagram Live event - for yoga, trivia, baby animals or something else

    ‎Good study playlists
    ‎Adjusting Your Study Habits During COVID
    ‎Tips for Good study Habits During COVID-19
    ‎How to Study at Home (Without Getting Distracted)
    ‎8 Strategies for Getting the Most Out of an Online Course
    ‎What Makes a Successful Online Learner?

    Best Meditation Apps of 2019
    Meditation for Anxiety: Practices to Calm Your Mind

    ‎Adult Coloring Book | COLORS on the App Store
    ‎ Color Therapy Coloring Number on the App Store
    ‎Colorfly : Coloring Book on the App Store
    ‎ Colorfy: Adult Coloring Book - Free Style Color

    ‎Sudoku on the App Store
    ‎Sudoku for Android

Mental Break:
    ‎Free Virtual Museum Tours
    ‎Free National Park Tours
    ‎50 Ways to Experience Culture from Your Couch
    ‎55+ Creative Things to Do When You're Bored to Pass the Time
    ‎94 Fun Things You Can Do at Home, Anytime (And Often for Free)


General Ideas for Virtual Outreach:

► Virtual Therapy Pets series on Instagram with photos or video staff pets

► Community movie night

Details from Swarthmore College:
Screenings Using Facebook Live
Swarthmore Screening Schedule

Spine Poetry series on Instagram with photos submitted by campus

► Share jokes!

► Have members of campus read a story for story time. (Consider putting this in your LMS to avoid copyright issues.)

► Similarly, have faculty or staff record a 30-90 second clip of themselves giving advice or encouraging words.

Managing Stress and Anxiety


Here are some creative things you can share with your students during this time via your social media feeds. Shout out to the Goshen College Library Staff for sharing this list! Feel free to add to the list here: Online Library Promotion

See other healthy diversions here!