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COVID-19: PALNI Service Continuation Planning Resources: Reopening - Library

COVID-19 Planning

Library Reopening Information

State and Other Reopening Information


  • InfoExpressNOW Courier 
  • OCLC ILL - Help crowdsource the safe return of ILL physical items. At the request of the ILL community, and to support this urgent need, we are providing an easy way for you to signal when it is safe to mail physical items back to your library. 
    • Please add your library to the crowdsourced list:  
    • Update your library’s status over time by following the instructions you will receive in your confirmation email 
    • View the status of all libraries: 
  • PALShare
  • SRCS
    • As you may have seen, we are planning to resume InfoExpress service the week of May 11. This means that you will once again be able to circulate items via SRCS if you so choose. Be aware that not all libraries will be reopening or resuming ILL activities at the same time, so please take a moment to ensure your settings reflect your library’s current status, whatever that may be.
      • 1.Holiday status (ILL Admin > Participant Record > Show Request This Button)
        • If you are still closed and/or waiting to phase in SRCS activity, please ensure that your holiday status reflects this, so that requests are not assigned to you.
        • If you are open and interested in resuming SRCS service, please either remove your holiday or adjust the dates accordingly.
      • 2. “Request This” button (ILL Admin > Participant Record > Show Request This Button
        • Don’t forget to turn this back on whenever you’re ready to allow unmediated patron requesting. It’s fine if you don’t want to do this right away, or if you weren’t doing it before
      • Other things to consider as you resume SRCS activity:
        • With libraries most likely observing a quarantine period for items transiting via InfoExpress, consider extending your loan periods within the Lending Policy and your “days to return” in the Participant Record. With a potential three-day quarantine on each end, an additional 7 days would be helpful.
        • If you have requests in Canceled status that need to be reactivated, you should be able to use “Approved-Send” option to get them back on their way. You’ll also want to check your Retry/Unfilled queues, just in case you need to resubmit any requests that ended up there.
        • We cannot do bulk updates of due dates in SRCS, so we’ll need to manage individual renewal requests as needed.
  • Indiana State Library   Indiana Libraries Closed   Report your library closing
  • If your campus needs assistance disabling ILL/PALShare borrowing/lending, Barb Chen, PALNI Fulfillment coordinator can assist, if needed (

OCLC ILL Reasons for No Recommendation for COVID-19 Closures or Inability to Fulfill materials:

Recently, several of you have asked our OCLC Resource Sharing Team to add a new Reason For No (RFN) that could be used specifically during the COVID-19 outbreak.  This reason would allow you to respond no to ILL requests that your staff cannot supply because the item currently cannot be retrieved from the library for scanning. 

Unfortunately, we cannot create this new RFN quickly. Instead, after consultation with the Atlas Team, both teams are recommending that your library supply the following RFN for this particular instance:

RFN        = Preferred Delivery Time Not Possible

By using this seldom used RFN, your library can track and report the number of requests impacted during this extraordinary situation. It will also allow OCLC staff to track the impact across the membership. You would only use this RFN for those requests that made it past any deflection you recently created for physical material you cannot supply such as books, DVDs, and print serials.

  • If your library uses ILLiad, you can create your own local RFN. However, we ask you to map your local RFN to our recommendation. If you have created a local RFN for these circumstances, you would need to map the local RFN to RFN number 24 in the ILLiad Customization manager. Please see this RFN documentation.  Also see these specific instructions under the Options for Disabling Lending section. 
  • If your library uses Tipasa or WorldShare ILL, you will select Preferred Delivery Time Not Possible from the drop down menu in your lending requests.

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