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About these database descriptions

This list was created by two PALNI task forces in Spring of 2021 and 2022. Our goal was to create a repository of streamlined and user-friendly descriptions for databases used by PALNI libraries.

For each of the databases we chose for this project, we wrote two descriptions. One short description, designed to be used on PALNI libraries' A-Z database lists, and one long description, aimed at informing librarians with more database details. Additionally, we added subjects, database types, and icons to each database.

In order to present the information best, the short description is the primary one used on this list, the long description is available by clicking on the "more" link, and the subjects are stored under the "librarian review" section. If you'd like to do a mass upload of our descriptions, you may want to start with the csv version of this data. (Note: the only way to easily use the database types and vendor information is via the csv file.)

Task Forces Members:
Joel Atkinson | Butler
Eric Bradley | Goshen College / PALNI
Brooke Cox | DePauw
Preston Howell | Anderson
Noelle Keller | Huntington
Miriam Liethen | Grace
Beth Daniel Lindsay | Wabash
Heather Loehr | Hanover / PALNI
Diane Norton | Wabash
Kitty Marschall | Saint Mary’s
Ruth Szpunar | PALNI, Chair

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