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SUSHI Configuration and COUNTER Harvesting in WMS License Manager: SUSHI Registry

SUSHI Harvesting Documentation

OCLC Documentation

Vendors and vendor-specific requirements for harvesting COUNTER reports via SUSHI - this documentation includes which COUNTER 3 and 4 reports can be harvested via SUSHI by License Manager, a list of SUSHI compliant vendors available for configuration, and the minimum required credentials to enter in when configuring vendors.

Recurring Harvest - you can set up recurring harvests each month once you have verified your library's SUSHI credentials, as well as perform a one-time harvest for historical usage or to re-harvest any failed harvests.

Use the Harvest History - you can view successful and failed harvests, as well as harvests that returned no usage, and assess whether re-harvesting some SUSHI reports may be necessary.

License Manager account roles - certain levels of admin access are necessary to access the Licenses tab in WMS.

Reports and Report Designer account roles - certain levels of admin access are necessary to access the Analytics tab in WMS.

Recommended Links

License Manager and XML COUNTER Manual Uploads

Manual COUNTER Report Uploads

If a content provider does not support SUSHI but does support COUNTER, they should be able to provide an XML COUNTER report. Properly formatted XML files can be uploaded to License Manager by transferring a report file from your computer. These content providers' XML files have been successfully uploaded to License Manager.

  • Botanical Society of America - make sure to save the file as an XML file before uploading.

SUSHI Harvesting Info for License Manager in WMS by Provider