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Instruction Ideas and Activities: Evaluating Sources

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Evaluating Research Sources -- Eric @ Goshen

This is a worksheet we use in our required first year experience courses to evaluate sources.  A source is presented on the projector screen and evaluated by the class.  Then, students are split into teams and evaluate a second source.

Evaluating Resources - Jessica @Franklin

As a hook to a class lesson about evaluating sources and introducing the CRAAP tool, I begin with a scenario.  For example, I begin with  a clicker question with text such as "John Smith from the University of X wrote an article entitled "..." in 2010.  You are researching (insert topic), do you use this resource?" highly unlikely, unlikely, neutral, likely, or highly likely.  I have students vote, we view results, and they share with a partner and revote.  This is a great segway into a lecture on evaluating resources and the CRAAP tool.  Often, they mention several components of CRAAP which we can discuss.


This game lets students decide if a news story is real or fake. There are three basic steps:

  • Read the article
  • Swipe to the right if you think it’s a real story
  • Swipe to the left if you think it’s fake