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Instruction Ideas and Activities: Scholarly

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"Scholarship is a Conversation" activity -- Eileen @ AMBS

As part of library orientation piece of a seminary on campus course, students are required to read a newspaper article (Becoming an Anablacktivist) which informally references several scholarly pieces.  Students are to complete the following:

  • Answer how they would join in this conversation.
  • Find the essays mentioned in the article.
  • Find a article mentioned written by J. Denny Weaver.

Article Assessment - Denise Fritsch, ILF Conference Presentation

Goal is for students to learn the differences between scholarly and popular articles. In groups, students are given a folder with articles already inside. Some folders contain popular magazine articles, others have trade articles and more have academic articles. Each group must find similarities in the articles they have and share with the class. Or, the folders can contain different types of articles, and the groups must find the differences. Librarian clarifies as needed and lets them know what is appropriate for their assignment.